Tressa Watercolors Intense Shampoo Copper


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This is the “copper” toning shampoo. This helps maintain any fashion colours you already have by depositing tones back into your hair! We all know colour doesn’t last forever, but this colour depositing shampoo will help you to maintain the vibrancy.

There’s a wide variety of different colours that you can choose from. If you’re not sure which colour will work best, please consult with your stylist first.

How to use: Cleanse your scalp and hair with your colour-safe shampoo. Then use the colour depositing shampoo for your second wash and apply deliberately to all the highlighted strands that you’d want the colour to be deposited. Wait 5-15 minutes. If you’d like the colour to be more vibrant, rinse and repeat with the colour depositing shampoo. Once desired colour is achieved, finish your hair wash routine with conditioner and/or mask treatment.

*Depending on what your starting level is will determine the vibrancy of the colour. Must have previously highlighted hair.

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