Oligo Violet Shampoo 250 ml


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Every blonde out there should have at least one bottle of purple shampoo at home for emergency toning. Oligo violet shampoo provides violet tone deposit while providing hydrating benefits.

Tip: Only use purple shampoo every 3-5 washes. If you use purple shampoo too often, you’ll notice that your blonde will become rather ‘dull’ than ‘bright’ looking.

How to use: First, shampoo with your regular professional colour safe shampoo, rinse, and then proceed to use the oligo violet shampoo. Purple shampoo is not meant to clean your scalp, so only apply the purple shampoo to blonde areas that you want to get toned. Apply a lot and wait at least 5-10 minutes before rinsing it out. The longer you leave it in, the cooler your hair becomes. Use your judgment!

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