Formaldehyde free

Say hello to stress-free hair

What is ProAddiction?
ProAddiction is a formaldehyde and toxin-free solution that internally changes the structure of the hair. 

Is it permanent?
Since it changes the structure of your hair internally, yes, it is to some extent permanent. When going from curly hair or super frizzy hair, some frizz may come back, but the texture of the hair will stay the same.

What if I like my curls and only want to tame the frizz?
Yes, that is possible. ProAddiction is very customizable for each individual. 

Is it the same as keratin?
No. Keratin is a coating on the outside of your hair that washes out in 2-4 months and it only smooths and weighs down the frizz. It doesn’t straighten the hair.

Is it the same as Japanese straightening?
No. ProAddiciton is not a perm. Although it does give similar results(straight hair), it is not damaging at all and you can do a highlight service after. Do keep in mind that bleaching the hair can bring back frizz since bleaching does strip the natural oils in the hair.

What are the steps to this service?
1. Shampoo the hair with clarifying shampoo.
2. Blow-dry and apply the solution and leave it on for 45min-1hour.
3. Rinse off the solution.
4. Blow-dry and straighten the hair.
5. Shampoo with a hydrating shampoo and apply a hydrating mask to balance the pH level in the hair.
6. Blow-dry the hair without using a brush to show you the results. 

How often do I need a touch-up to maintain it?
Every 4-8 months. Depends on how much your regrowth bothers you and if your hair is stubborn. Multiple treatments over time will result in straighter/smoother results.

How do I take care of my hair after ProAddiction?
Use the designated ProAddiction hydrating shampoo, hydrating conditioner, and hydrating mask to ensure your ProAddiction stays as smooth and frizz-free as possible. Always use a heat protectant when blow-drying your hair and serum after styling. All products can be purchased here!

Is it for me?

If you want to spend less time in the washroom trying to tame your mane, then yes! This service is perfect for low-maintenance individuals.

This treatment lasts for 3-6 months depending on how often you wash your hair and whether or not you use the designated ProAddiction homecare products to upkeep it.

Starts at $350-$550+ (price varies on length and density)