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Beginners guide to hair care! Everything you need to know

If you’re someone who finally decided to get their hair professionally coloured at a salon, but you’re not quite sure what your hair care routine would look like after? Well, let me help you out.

Hypothetically, let’s say you’re now a platinum blonde. The most extreme you can ever push your hair limit to. Your hair may look fine after you leave the salon and you may not think you need to spend $100 for aftercare. However, after a month or so, your hair is going to start to show damage and dryness which will lead to breakage and split ends! 🙁

I’m not sponsored in any way. So all my recommendations are what I truly believe in.

First and foremost, invest in a good colour-safe shampoo, conditioner and hair mask! What I swear by is the “B3 Colour Care Shampoo“, “B3 Color Care Conditioner“, and the “B3 Instant Restore & Protect Reconstructor Masque“. I’ve used numerous products before, and I’ve always come back to this. 

  • bonding/strengthening products
  • doesn’t over-moisturize and leave hair oily
  • cleans the hair 
  • protects colour from fading

What I absolutely love is that this shampoo actually removes dirt and debris in your hair without it drying out your hair too much. It also helps improve strength and elasticity giving the overall appearance of healthy hair!

The second product I’d recommend is a purple shampoo. This is amazing for blondes wanting to keep their blondes cool. I’d recommend the “Oligo violet shampoo” because of how pigmented it is and it doesn’t dry your hair out too much like other purple shampoos.

  • very pigmented
  • not as drying
  • great for stubborn yellow hair

The third must-have is a leave-in conditioner and I’d recommend the “Design Me Fab Me“. It’s in a spray bottle so the application is fairly simple. What I really love about this is when it sprays, it comes out like a mist. That way is very easy to have control over how much you want to layer on. Very nice for people with finer hair.

  • detangles
  • heat protection
  • UV protection
  • smells great

Last but not least, everyone should incorporate a serum into their hair routine. One that I absolutely adore is the “Design Me Gloss Me Serum“. Infused with; cannabis Sativa seed oil, argan oil, moringa seed oil, and rice bran oil, this formula contains the right balance of shine and nourishment without being too greasy!

  • lightweight
  • actually absorbs into the hair
  • gives great shine without it looking oily

Okay, this might sound a lot if you’ve ever only used drugstore shampoos(sorry if you felt attacked) but think of it this way. You’ve just spent quite a bit of money on your dream hair, so why not spend a little more to maintain it?

I really hope most of this makes sense and I’m able to help you understand the importance of hair care!

Feel free to leave a comment below if this helped you in any way!

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