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Are scrunchies good for your hair?

Most definitely! If you truly want what’s best for your hair, I’d highly recommend any satin or silk scrunchies. You can click here to check out what I have in stock. Everything is handcrafted with love, by yours truly!

Want to know why satin/silk scrunchies are good for your hair? Keep reading.

I personally use premium satin fabrics for the affordability and cruelty-free aspect. These fabrics are glossy, luxurious, and soft to the touch. It does not absorb moisture, meaning when you use a satin scrunchie to tie your hair, all your hair that is in contact with the scrunchie will retain its moisture. Since moisture is retained, this means that your hair will be less dry and less prone to breakage. Sounds pretty amazing right?

Okay, now you’re thinking…scrunchies are such a childish accessory…it’s so old school. I’m going to stop you right there. Scrunchies are not a thing of the past! They’re definitely making a huge comeback and I’m loving it!

I’ve curated all my scrunchies to have an expensive and luxurious feel. I pick only the highest quality fabric to add to my collection and they’re all inserted with a very durable and stretchy elastic measuring 1/2″ thick. They can all tie around the hair 2-3 times depending on how thick your hair is!

Click here for my “Oversized Scrunchie” collection and here for my “Regular-Sized Scrunchie” collection.

Happy shopping!

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